Friday, May 1, 2015

May Preview: Begin to Embrace that Summer Feel

Happy Saturday Dream Team! Today we would like to share with you the topics that we will focus on this month. As we are now in May [wow-where has time gone??] we want to focus on embracing that summer feel.
Cancer can eliminate a lot of summer routines such as: going to the pool, family vacations or simply soaking in that summer sun. That is why this month we will write on the following:
  1. How to create a “Stay-Cation”
  2. Alternative Summer Activities that are safe + fun for pediatric cancer patients
  3. Skin Care 
  4. Summer Crafts 
One of our first topics we would like to introduce is the concept of “Stay-Cation”. A cancer diagnosis can impact your plans on taking a family vacation, that is why we want to help you create a just as fun vacation wherever you are!
Here are some ground rules that are good to set for this at home vacation:
  • No Electronics [smart phones, computers, tablets etc]
  • No email
  • No television
  • No working from home
  • No worrying
  • No fighting
  • Family time only—no independent activities or outside plans
  • No cleaning
Check back next Saturday for our first “stay-cation” idea!

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