Thursday, August 20, 2015

Core Subject Resources [Middle School Edition]

As you may have seen last Thursday we broke down each of the common core subjects for elementary school. Now, we would like to apply that same layout for the core subjects of middle school.
Let's begin,

Language Arts 

Language Arts within this stage of education begins to focus more on comprehension of language and reading while beginning to expose students learn how to analyze what they are reading. All of these topics build on building a strong foundation of creativity and a better understanding of language. Check out this wonderful resource who encompasses all of these traits...

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This is a great resource for any middle school student through their numerous activities that they provide to help your child build their confidence and skill within the mathematic world.

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Middle School Chemistry 

Download free activities, lesson plans, related readings AND view video demonstrations of science experiments.

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Social Studies

Discovery Education 

This is a great resources, providing you with SIX options of social studies courses. This resource has digital text books, related readings, technological activities. Additionally all of their resources are aligned with core curriculum requirements

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Foreign Language 

Share My Lesson

Browse through numerous of foreign language lessons created by actual teachers for even more practice!

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This resource has everything health curriculum related from grades 6-8 including free printables!

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