Monday, July 6, 2015

What to bring to a cancer patients hospital room: DOs & DONTS

Here are some tips on what to bring or what you can tell people not do bring when visiting you in the hospital. Yes, getting gifts is an amazing feeling, but not every gift should be welcome when you are in the hospital getting treatment. 

Let’s start with list of what not to bring.
  1. Latex Balloons, often times patients near by can be allergic to latex and if you are going through chemotherapy you could actual develop an allergy being exposed to it over and over again
  2. Very strong smelling flowers, flowers are great, but if they have a strong smell to them it can make a small hospital room torture to be in.
  3. Their Favorite Food, chemotherapy can make your stomach very upset, so stay clear of bring in anything they love to eat, because just smelling it while getting treatment can make them no longer able to eat it.

Great things to bring
1.     Flowers that are unscented and help brighten up their room
2.     Drink/water they will need to stay hydrate so a sports drink and or water is very helpful
3.     Books, magazines and movies to help pass the time
4.     A toy your able to use while in a hospital bed and still have fun and take your mind off it is a great gift to bring

5.     Pictures to remind them of their life outside of the hospital.

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