Thursday, June 18, 2015

Credible Resources: Summer Research Projects

Tomorrow we will be taking a break from our Teen with a Dream Summer Research Project for SPLURGE! Friday.

So, for today we want to share with you a few credible resources that are abundant with information. Although these are just a sliver of the great resources out there-it is important to make sure that you are using good resources to gather your information [especially if you are getting it from the internet!].

As a reminder we focused on the following sections this week for your Summer Research Project....

  1. Fundamental Facts + Knowledge About Your Cancer
  2. Emotional Aspects
  3. Inspirational Individuals 

[Key Research Tips to Keep in Mind]
  1. Don't settle for one opinion, or one resource! Make sure to pull from a multitude of perspectives, cancer can be a scary topic so make sure not to settle with only one source of information.
  2. Take hand written notes as you compile your research.
  3. Use resources beyond the internet-go to your local library and check out books! You could even ask your doctor for recommendations.
  4. Soak in all the information and then condense to the bare necessities.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions from the professionals! Sometimes the best resources can be an experienced individual-your nurse, your doctor, a cancer survivor etc!

American Childhood Cancer Organization - Get the Facts Page

Kids v Cancer - Facts Page

Check out our Pediatric Cancer Resources Tab for additional resources!

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