Monday, November 30, 2015

4 Winter Spices to Keep You Healthy

Happy Monday! We hope that you enjoyed your long Thanksgiving weekend! Now that we are back to our routines [for a couple weeks at least!] lets jump into today's post, 4 spices to keep you healthy this winter. Stay tuned because for the next four Nutrition and Recipe Sundays, we will be sharing a recipe using one of these spices!

4 Winter Spices to Keep you Healthy Through the Cold

This winter spice is perfect for those days that you are feeling yucky, stressed or a little under the weather because it assists your body in getting a better night's sleep. This floral spice has muscle relaxing properties and can help soothe an upset stomach. 

Cinnamon is a classic winter spice- but did you know that it also how health benefits as well! This delicious spice can provide joint relief for arthritis, lower cholesterol and fight off bacteria.

Garlic not only can help keep your heart healthy but also can help fight off the common cold-which loves to show up around winter time. Garlic has been used through out time for medicinal use!

This spice can remedy respiratory tract problems and provides you with a healthy boost of energy. Additionally it provides protection for your stomach and can even help with dental problems!

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