Tuesday, December 1, 2015

5 Ways to Combat Loneliness

Pediatric cancer treatments tend to leave the patient alone numerous of hours, this can be difficult for any person and difficult to explain to those especially little ones. This loneliness can feel even more overwhelming during this particular time of year. Today, we would like to share five ways to ease this sense of loneliness.

Understand that loneliness is a feeling, not a definite reality.
Although the feeling of loneliness is a powerful one, it is important to recognize that this feeling does not translate to fact. Typically, when we are feeling lonely it is due to a triggered memory or feeling and the perception that those memories are absent. In these moments ask yourself "what triggered this feeling?" Additionally, recognize that you are able to overcome this feeling and deserve to do so.

Become Aware of Negative Thoughts You Have About Yourself.
This is a two step process because you first must recognize when you are having these thoughts and follow it up by stopping and replacing these thoughts with more positivity. You must be able to advocate for yourself to begin to rid yourself of that "outsider" feeling.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone. 
This is a "physical" step that you can take in order to combat the feeling of loneliness, interact with new people you may not with normally. By learning new things about new people, stimulates social interaction and will help you feel more connected. Also, meet with other people who may be struggling with the same feeling. This provides you with an opportunity to discuss and cope with someone you can relate with and hopefully give you a healthy and effective platform to rid loneliness out of your life.

Nurture Yourself and Others.
Kindness is an extremely powerful feeling and brings a universal feeling of "goodness". By nurturing other and engaging in acts of kindness will do good for others just as much as it does good for you and your emotional health.

Commit to Eliminating Loneliness from Your Emotional Health
By committing to improving your emotional health and recognizing that you deserve to have a happy and positive state of mind [even in times of chaos] is the most important aspect. You are in control!