Monday, September 8, 2014

Chemotherapy Tip No. 1

We have officially made it to our second Monday! Today we would like to offer one of our founder’s, Spencer Harrison’s, favorite tip! When Spencer was diagnosed at the age of 13 with cancer, he was unprepared for what Chemotherapy would be like. It is our sincere hope that this blog post, and all of our post in the future, will help you + provide you with a little comfort.
As Spencer began chemotherapy, a family friend brought a candy bouquet to comfort him. Nonetheless, this seemingly simple + thoughtful gift would have a profound impact on his treatment +  help combat the side effects of chemotherapy. Chemo and the numerous of medications a child takes during treatment causes a terrible taste in most patient’s mouths. 
Spencer found that the only trick to help subside this side effect were sour skittles. The tart candy cut through the chemo taste and allowed him some relief. 
So today, try out our Monday tip: Sour Skittles! If you do, share your experience here! Likewise if you have any tips you believe other could benefit from-we would love to hear from you!

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