Sunday, September 14, 2014

Local Student Advocating for pediatric cancer patients

Happy Saturday Dreamers! Today we would like to introduce you to Morgan Folk, a local elementary student. 

Teen with a Dream implemented The Compassion Project in late 2013. This project is designed to connect community members directly with pediatric cancer patients. It provides patients with a profound sense of care that their community has for them. 
This weeks feature post is from a student who has advocated for this project throughout her school since her experience with the project in her own classroom. Enjoy!

A Message from Morgan…
In Ms. Free’s class we did a project focusing on compassion.  We all were assigned to a child that was undergoing chemo-therapy for cancer.  All of us had different aged children.  When I did this project I had a little girl that was 6-8 years old. In my class I noticed that everyone’s heart had changed, even if it was just a little bit.  My heart certainly changed!  I noticed that some kids were compassionate even outside of the project.  It has changed many kids and the way they think about others.  This nonprofit that we helped was called Teen with a Dream.  This association helps kids have fun and be joyful even through the tough times that they are going through.  I believe this nonprofit was a huge success.  Maybe our whole school could participate in this nonprofit by bringing things that the kids could work on and play with during those long hours they spend in the hospital.  The things that people bring in must be appropriate and encouraging.  If we help this nonprofit I guarantee that it will change your heart too!
Ms. Free’s Classroom proudly holding their bags they created.
Morgan’s Compassion Bag [Not only did she gather items from the store but she created fun activities and games for the kids as well!]

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