Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Supporting a family who’s child has cancer….

It can be a difficult when you know someone who has a child that is diagnosed with cancer. You are made aware of a whole new world yet there is not always guidance  So here are some simple Do and Dont’s that can help you with how to help. 

  • Help with siblings, offer to pick them up, take them places, and help entertain them. 
  • It is ok to ask questions, but don’t push for to many answers.
  • Visit, but be sure not to stay overly long.
  • Offer so distracting conversation when needed
  • Offer help when you can. 
Friendship is a powerful thing and it is one of the few tools that families have to combat a life of dealing with cancer. So we here at Teen with a Dream hope we gave you some guidance on how to help a friend who’s child has cancer.

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