Monday, October 13, 2014

Cold and Flu Season is Among Us

Happy Monday everyone, unfortunately it is that time of year again when flu and colds are in the air and we need to be even more mindful about washing out hands!
For anyone who is unaware, Chemotherapy suppresses your immune system. This makes it very easy for a child going through it to be more susceptible to cold and flu. That is why today’s tip is about Hand Sanitizer. 
We aren’t always around soap and water, so when in doubt use some hand sanitizer. According to the CDC the most effective hand sanitizer has a 60% alcohol or above to kill germs. This is a tip not just for children going through treatment but also their families and caregivers we don’t want you sick either!
Here is an amazing product that we believe in here at Teen with a Dream its called Frais It is not only has 66% alcohol content but also contains eight natural Australian essential oils that leaves the skin feeling pleasant and moisturized (it also smells amazing). This product also happens to be highly eco friendly, which is great to know when we are killing the germs on our hands.

Get this wonderful hand sanitizer here!

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