Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sibling Support

Some of our littlest Dream Team Members
It extremely difficult as a parent of a child with cancer to juggle doctor appointments, siblings extracurriculars and everyday tasks. Something that may be [understandably] put on the back burner is siblings extracurricular activities. It is important to recognize that pediatric cancer patients are coping and adjusting with their brother’s or sister’s diagnosis as well. 
According to cancer.net here are a few ways to provide support to your other children:
    • Get help.
    • Talk with your other children about cancer.
    • Reassure your children.
    • Talk with your children about their feelings and worries.
    • Share your own feelings and fears. ]
    • Spend time with the healthy siblings.
    • Involve the siblings with making decisions. 
    • Let your other children help.
    • Help your children keep in touch. 
    • Encourage the siblings to do things they enjoy.
    • Keep things consistent.
    • Seek professional help. 
    • Take care of yourself.

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