Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Inspiring Story + Dream of Nico

Today, we have an amazing story and program dreamed up by a 6-year-old little boy and his family that wanted to start a Halloween costume drive for other children with cancer. 
Nico Castro has a brain tumor and when he was told he could celebrate Halloween he thought of the children to sick to go outside. “Halloween’s my favorite,” Nico told “I don’t want them to miss out on the candy.” So the family started a drive so they children in the hospital could have some fun too. Nico dressed up as a storm trooper the day of the drive which lead one donor to ask “Which one’s the sick child?”. 
Just like Nico, we at Teen with a Dream, believe that Halloween celebration is great way for children celebrate and be creative. Unfortunately a lot of children with cancer miss out on the fun because they are out of school or because they are in the hospital. How amazing that Nico and his family showed the how cancer kids can still have time and round of applause for Nico for thinking of others! You are a rock star and a Dreamer Nico!

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