Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday VS. Chemotherapy

Hello everyone! It’s Spencer Harrison the founder of Teen with a Dream, I hope you all had a great thanksgiving I know I did. When looking for topics for our post on Black Friday we first thought to focus on the normal and talk about the best sales. Then we got to thinking, not only is Black Friday shopping very stressful, but children with cancer can’t really be in crowds. 
So while doing research we discovered that tips for surviving Black Friday Sale Shopping is freakishly similar to tips for surviving a day/trip to the hospital for treatment/chemotherapy. So today’s post is all about tips that may be for Black Friday but can really work for surviving a day at the hospital. 
  1. If Traffic is mess, have a pre-arrange pick up and drop off to save you time, even parking at the hospital can be a nightmare. 
  2. Divided up the list if you can, for cancer patients in their families this means split your day into shifts so hopefully more then one person can stay with you the whole time. 
  3. Create Survival Packs-Include a bottle of water and snack, gum, and hand sanitizer is a must! For malls or hospitals. 
  4. Set up a pampering station, with head massagers, scented lotions, and stress balls to help ease away some stress. 
  5. Make a no cook meal for when you get home, using some left over turkey for a wrap or a sandwich makes for low stress cooking after a long day. 
So there are five reasons why surviving Black Friday is so similar to surviving a day at the hospital getting treatment.

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