Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Communicating with your Extended Family this Thanksgiving

Communication is hard! At least that is what is blasted in our faces online and on television. Maybe in a world is 24/7 TV content, ipads, and video games we do forget to communicate some. In our of spending time with your family this Thursday on thanksgiving here is a some advice we read about on Talk to an Expert Inc. They suggest 101 cards, we think you can make your own and only have enough for each person at the table to select and read aloud. Talk to an Expert Inc has some great questions like “If you won 10 million dollars, what gift would you give to each player?” and “Who would be called the party animal in your family? Tell a funny story about that person at a party.”

However here are some questions we think are great for cancer patients and their families. “What was the best and worst part of this year” “, "What is the most compassionate thing someone has done for you?”, and “If you could describe the perfect hospital what would it be?”.

Make sure everyone at the table reads aloud their questions and then go around and listen to everyones answers.


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