Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gratitude Jar [Embracing the little things we are thankful for…]

It is natural to become overwhelmed with the daily obstacles that life presents, especially if your family that is coping with cancer as one of those obstacles. As humans, we tend to forget the little things we are grateful for. 
Today, we want to focus on embracing these little things. This “Gratitude Jar” is the perfect and simple opportunity to take note of everything you are grateful for. 
Anytime that you have a moment of gratefulness, or just have a thankful thought pop in your head, write them on a little note and put them into the jar. Anytime you are having a hard day, take a moment to look into this jar and ease your emotions. Replacing negative thoughts with loving and positive thoughts will provide greater emotional health and coping skills in the future.
Check out the full tutorial here!

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