Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Devon Still was unsure of his fate following his try out with the Cincinnati Bangles. Even more so, his world was turned upside down and was more uncertain than ever following his four year old daughters diagnosis with stage four cancer. 
Being founded by a pediatric cancer survivor, we are aware of the overwhelming sense of chaos that a cancer diagnosis can cause. Also treatment is profoundly expensive. When the NFL team became aware of Still’s situation they immediately called him and informed him that he would be added to their practice squad in order to alleviate some of his family’s financial obstacles that would lie ahead-but that is not all…
The Bangles then began selling Devon Still’s jerseys and proceeds would be dedicated to aid pediatric cancer research. Within all cancer research only a mere 1% goes towards pediatrics. Still’s jersey sold more than any other Bangles player’s jersey within this time.
What an inspiring and compassionate story!

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