Saturday, February 21, 2015

6 Daily Habits to help you grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Happy Saturday Dream Team! Today we want to feature a few tactics to incorporate within your daily life that will ultimately help you grow emotionally, physically and spiritually.
When reading through this article we found that these tips can cater perfectly to help pediatric cancer patients as well! So lets begin…
  • Challenge your mind with a difficult puzzle, brain game, or riddle to start off your day! Teen with a Dream ensures that each Chemo Day Care bag includes a “logical” type game, toy, or activity book. Chemo can be hard on a child’s memory, so it is important to engage + stimulate critical thinking skills through out their treatment. 
    • Try these brain games from our previous post here!
  • Challenge yourself to completing a task that has been lingering or teach yourself something you have always wanted to learn.
  • Exercise. Now, this can sound a bit intimidating when you are going through treatment, as it can be very draining to the body-but try simple little work outs that will stimulate muscle use. Always consult your doctor before hand!
  • Overcome negativity. Smile when you are overwhelmed with negativity or negative thoughts. Replace the negatives with things that make you happy.
  • Did you try our Self Embrace/Healing SPLURGE! Friday craft? If so pull out your positive words. If not-this would be a great way to detour from negativity! Find it HERE!
  • Begin the day by making a goal of something you can do for someone else. There is no joy like the happiness that comes from giving.
  • End your day by writing down the things you were thankful for through out. It can be easy to forget these things so when you make an effort to physically put them down on paper, they become quite clear to see!

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