Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7 Essential “Self-Empowering” Techniques

Acceptance. Self-acceptance is a key component to empowerment. Accept your past and present as it is. Do not spend time critiquing your every move. If there are things you would like to change or reevaluate, you have the time to make those changes-but for now genuinely accept yourself as you are.
Release the Negativity. Relieve yourself from any negative feelings, thoughts, people or situations that you may be experiencing. A major component of this step is forgiveness. By letting go of anger and forgiving others will leave more room for positive thoughts and feelings.
Endorphin Releasing Activities. Engage in a hobby, laughter or if you are able to exercise. Any activity that makes you happy and engages your mind will help with the release of endorphins-the chemical that creates happiness.  Try these amazing Pilates routines you can do anywhere, anytime:
Peaceful Activities to Quiet the Mind. Activities that engage your mind and quiet the countless + overwhelming thoughts you may have will help on your empowerment journey. These activities could range from meditation to yoga. Check out our various features of peaceful activities:
Goals, Goals, Goals. Take a moment and really dig deep and recognize what you want. What are your goals for the day, the month, the year, your lifetime? Recognize them, write them down, embrace them and most importantly LIVE THEM!
Self-Discipline. Whether it is regarding your household chores or taking a chance on something you are passionate about-follow through!  To be able to truly engage in self-empowerment, you do not want to feel as though you have been defeated. By always following through with your goals will eliminate the possibility of this feeling.
Choice. Although we do not have control over everything in this life, we do have one choice: our perception and outlook of those uncontrollable situations. Seek the best in all that you can.

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