Thursday, February 26, 2015

Compassionate Students: Advocating to provide local pediatric cancer patients comfort.

It has been 2 years now since we first introduced our compassion project which is a way of using one of Teen with a Dream’s signature programs in combination to the public to show compassion to children with cancer. We have filled over 500 bags in 2 years which is amazing! 
Today’s post is about one of those amazing groups that chose to be compassionate and help children with cancer. Mrs Faulkner’s class at Charles Hay World Elementary school started helping Teen with a Dream because one student wanted to have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to a charity that help kids. Lucky for us she selected us and we couldn’t be more happy and amazed at everyones kindness. 

On top of the fundraiser the school also did a Rainbow Loom drive to make bracelets for us to put in our Chemo Day Care Bags. And why Rainbow Loom you might ask? Because they knew that Rainbow Looms can be washed and sanitized for kids going through treatment- and lastly they are doing a 45 person compassion project! We are so excited-thank you Charles Hay World School!

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