Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fear of Reoccurrence

This month our Blog is focused on maintaining and growing into a better state of mind, spirit, and health. I had cancer 11 years ago so I know what it is like to have a fear of recurrence. The fear starts almost as soon as the doctor tells you that your treatment is working. For me here is a list of some event’s which I had the most fear of recurrence around. 
• Follow-up visits or certain medical tests
• Anniversary events (like the date you were diagnosed, had surgery, or ended treatment) • Birthdays
• Illness of a family member
• Learning that someone you know has had a recurrence
• Symptoms much like the ones you had when you first found you had cancer 
It seems like the first year after treatment was the worst but even know events listed above still bring fear back into my life. The important thing is to learn to grow from the fear and learn to live with it and not let the overwhelming dread take over. 

Some of the key things that I found helped me, keeping all of the doctors appointments and tests I had on an annual basis. This is the only way we can really know if we are healthy. Also we have posted in the past about techniques about how to help you cope and the truth is everyone is different. For me I found closing my eyes while breathing and visualizing is the only way that helped me. But also acknowledging the fear and knowing its just because its close to the day we were diagnosed or because we have a cold really helps, its gives you something to visualize. 

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