Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Simple Routine to Help Focus

Today our Feature Post will be is an easy fitness routine that may helps your child focus as well. This idea may be helpful in a home school environment during treatment as well. What I personally love about this is, it allows for some easy pain free exercise so I would have been able to do it during my own treatment. All you need is a balance ball. Originally developed in 1960’s for physical therapy that balance ball has found many different uses. Just sitting on our instead of a chair helps strengthen back muscles and strengthen core muscles all while just sitting! Elementary schools have started to use them instead of chairs to even help kids focus! This is were the balance ball chair could be helpful for home schooling during treatment. Schools have found that sitting on one helps children with Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder focus. Well Chemotherapy may not cause DHD but it certainly can feel like it! During school even at home, you can still fill sick, ache, have problems connecting thoughts, and for lack of a better term I personally felt mushy. Like my brain and body had turned into mushed bananas. So If sitting on a balance ball would help that I’m all for that! 

Balance Balls can be found at most sporting goods stores or were ever sporting kids are sold, just be sure to find one that allows your child to sit comfortable on it, and even if its for one hour a day it may help! I know I would have tried it myself. One of the biggest pains about Chemotherapy that I’ve found is that there is no set things that can help, so its all about trail and error, try it and see and if you have an ideas of suggestions about it email us back at 
Here is the link to the article that sparked my interest in this, but you can also find some more information by just a simple google or youtube search there should plenty of news stories about schools doing this. 
Check it out here!
Spencer Harrison 
[Cancer Survivor + Founder]

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