Monday, March 16, 2015

Chemo: Seeking out the Silver Lining

Going through chemotherapy is certainly an overwhelming anddaunting experience-it requires precise attention. From being cautious of dietchoices to managing medications-it can take away from moments of happiness.
Today, we want to spend a little time-sharing things that give us the opportunity to seek out the “silver lining” in the little things.

  • Seek out friendships on treatment days. By having someone to confide in or even just have around on treatment days, provides you something to look forward to.  
    • The Silver Lining: Prepare yourself on treatment days as going to “hang out” or see your friends at the center.
  • It is not secret that a cancer diagnosis brings a handful of questions about the future. Chemo almost forces you to live in the moment, don’t let this be a bad thing.
    • The Silver Lining: Appreciate this new perspective as “living in the moment” and embracing the present.
  • Allow yourself to embrace support and love of those around you. You ay feel as though you want control back in your life, therefore you want to take care of everything yourself-it is okay to let others help you.
    • The Silver Lining: Although the reason surrounding this newfound support may be stressful, embrace this support. Allow this love into your heart.
  • Controlling the many side effects of chemo can be stressful such as hair loss, skin changes and so on.
    • The Silver Lining: Splurge on certain things that boost your confidence whether that is buying that hat you had always wanted or trying new skin care products-invest in yourself!

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