Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Birthday to our Founder, Spencer! How birthdays can have a different meaning to cancer survivors.

Today is a special day for Teen with a Dream-it is our founder, Spencer’s, 26th Birthday! Birthdays are always special, but to cancer survivors, birthdays can hold a different meaning. Yes, birthdays present a “mark” if you will, of conquering cancer- BUT Spencer has also shared another meaning that this day takes on. 
Spencer also encourages all cancer survivors to also celebrate their “Survivorship Birthday”. This birthday marks the day a patient is declared cancer free! He states that this day is just as important to survivors + allows them to embrace + celebrate this journey. 
That is why we would also like to feature this wonderful resource by Childhood Cancer Guides entitled “Transitions”. Within this resource you can read a multitude of ways to transition yourself from cancer patient to cancer survivor! 

Not everyone copes the same, and that is okay! You may not see this coping mechanism as fitting your needs, so explore other options. If celebrating your “Survivorship Birthday” is something you want to do-go all out! Get cake! Have fun and celebrate YOUR strength! 

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