Monday, May 18, 2015

8 Ways to Turn Your Space into a “Staycation” Paradise

Today’s Tips + Tricks to Chemo revolves around embracing the space your in. As pediatric cancer patients, you may be familiar with feeling confined or missing out on vacations you may otherwise had taken. That is why we have compiled a list of ten ways to turn your environment into your very own mini vacation away from the norm!
Redecorate your bedroom. Whether you are up for rearranging or if you are just seeking out some new decor, try something new! By amping up your bedroom will provide you with a change in environment. Try vibrant and bright colors to really make it pop!
Integrate peaceful sounds. Invest in a sound maker or if you are really in the mood try creating your own indoor fountain.The peaceful sound of water will throw you right into vacation mode. Check out how to build your own here!
Add vibrant foliage. By picking up some bright flowers + plants and placing them through out the house will help you embrace a sense of nature. It will brighten up any mood.
Dine outside. If the weather permits, change things up and have dinner outside. If you don’t have patio furniture turn it into a picnic adventure.
Create your own private outdoor reading nook. Once you have spotter where you would like to have your nook, add comforting accents to really bring a warm and comforting feel to the space. This could be a great place for the vibrant foliage we talked about!
Put a fan in your window and embrace the fresh air. Not only will this save you a little in electricity, but the scent of the outside air and feel of the breeze will give you that tropical feeling.
Hang a tree swing. Take an old tire and sturdy rope and hang a swing. This is the perfect accessory to any staycation-check out how here!
Build a lemonade stand. Nothing gives off the summer feel like a lemonade stand!

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