Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cancer Journal

Happy Tuesday, Dreamers. Today's portion of the Summer Research Project does not necessarily require any research at all. Your focus will be creating a Cancer Journal. This journal will be the place where you can vent your daily emotions as you go through your journey. 

We have discussed the benefits of journaling within pasts blog posts and feel that is an important aspect to incorporate within this project. 

Examples of things you may keep in this journal:
  1. How you are feeling during treatment
  2. How you are feeling after treatment
  3. Jot down both emotional highs and lows
Eventually you may be able to analyze a pattern of emotions from this journal and may be able to cope even more effectively. 

To further incorporate it into this project you may also want to include writing down emotions in relation with: 
  • The facts surrounding your particular cancer
  • Side Effects 
Now, the only time that this portion of the project would require research would be if journaling is not right for you, you may consider looking for alternative coping methods and emotional support techniques. Check out all of our Emotional Support posts HERE

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