Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Knowing the emotional aspects of Cancer: Summer Research Project

Yesterday, we introduced our Summer Research Project. We will hit the ground running and share with you the two main topic areas of your first assignment of this project.

Research Topic Number One: Fundamental Facts of Your Cancer

  • What does your particular cancer do? 
  • How does it effect your body?
  • What are your treatment options?
  • Research about your hospital and doctors.

Research Topic Number Two: Emotional Aspects

Additionally today, we would like to focus on a couple different aspects that deal with the emotional side of cancer.

1. Recognize how this project will ultimately provide you with emotional support during your cancer journey.

As we briefly mentioned yesterday, by empowering yourself with knowledge will give you a sense of control and power back during a chaotic time. You will be equipped with knowledge of knowing the inner workings of your type of cancer.

2. Discovering, knowing and coping with emotional side effects of cancer.

Today, research various ways to cope with being diagnosed, getting through treatment and post-cancer. There are a multitude of credible resources that you will be able to pull from. This aspect of the project allows you to discover which type of coping mechanisms are best for you during your journey. You may realize that journaling helps you, for others simply talking about your journey may assist you.

Check out all of our posts regarding Emotional Support HERE to see if there is a tactic that you see would fit best.

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