Monday, June 8, 2015

What to do on a rainy summer day: Indoor Treasure Hunt

When you have little ones in the house, you may know the feeling of being confined in the house with stir crazy kiddos! That is why today's Tips and Tricks is a solution to that problem!

Here at Teen with a Dream headquarters we have been experience lots and lots rain-so we wanted to share this awesome tip with all of you!

We have found this great resource to start off your own treasure hunt from iMom

1. If you’re in a hungry mood, go here first and find some food.(Hide the clue in the kitchen in your pantry or where you store food.)

2. Now you’re on your second clue, these go on before your shoes.(Hide this clue in your child’s sock drawer.)

3. If you want your teeth to shine, pick this up and spend some time.(Hide this clue by your child’s toothbrush)

4. If you want to learn and grow, turn the page, get in the know.(Hide this in a book, with part of it sticking out from the pages.)

5. Add some color to your days! Pick these up; you’re on your way.(Hide this clue near some crayons.)

6. Take a walk and step outside, this is where you go to ride.(Hide this clue near your car, a bike, or even a scooter.)

7. Time to chill, time to think; please go here for a cool, cool drink.(Hide this clue in, or tape on, your refrigerator.)

8. Keep it clean and keep it dry. Can you guess? Come on, just try!(Hide this clue near your washer or dryer.)

9.You’re almost at the very end, but this is where your guests come in.(Hide this clue at your front door.)

10. The final clue. The final prize. Look into this to see your eyes.(This is where you’ll place the final prize for your treasure hunt.)

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