Monday, August 24, 2015

Steps your Child Can Take to Prepare Themselves for High School

Saturday was the start of our High School Academic week and we focused on ways you, as the parent, can prepare your kids to transition into high school [with an emphasis on a child who is also a pediatric cancer patient].

Today, we would like to take a different perspective on this and share tips that your child themselves can take to make this transition a little easier...

  1. Prepare yourself for a larger work load
  2. Have a discussion with each of your teachers to ensure that you will be able to get your work in  on a timely matter even in the case of missed classes
  3. Pair up with a classmate in each class that is willing to communicate what went on in these missed classes, and possibly even obtaining a copy of their notes
  4. Challenge yourself academically in the sense of learning new things. Take an elective course that you may not have otherwise thought of taking. Learning knew skills will be beneficial for your mental state.
  5. Make a goal to make one school sponsored event or game. Of course, consult with your doctor to ensure your counts and immune system are good to do so. 

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