Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Parent's Should Tell Their Child's Teachers [Middle School Edition]

Moving forward from last week's focus of elementary school education week, we are beginning our Middle School Week Edition!

There are numerous similarities from last Saturday's post, but we would like to share with you a few key points that are unique to Middle School.

Going to middle school typically means a change in location and buildings. This can be a difficult transition for some. That is why there should be an in-depth conversation between you [the parent] and your child's teachers.

Topics that will be especially important to cover [IN ADDITION TO LAST WEEK'S] during this conversation would be:

  • Familiarize yourself and your child with this new building
  • Where are some quick routes to get to the restroom if nausea hits your child quickly
  • Who is the school nurse and how can you get in contact with this person to establish that particular plan of action
  • What are each teachers expectations of your child when there are absences
  • Discuss with each teacher what their rules are surrounding wearing a hat due to hairloss that chemo can cause
  • Is there a parent portal that you can maintain continuous interaction with your child's curriculum 
  • Discuss an action plan that you and your child have established to cope with new friends and peers. Additionally discuss how your child's school handles bullying and the measures they take to prevent this. 
  • If your child's middle school has locker's practice how to unlock their types of lock at home, that way the anxiety of not being able to get in and out of your locker is eliminated
  • Read read read the student handbook!

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