Thursday, August 13, 2015

Educational Subjects Breakdown Resources

Today we will break down great resources for elementary school students by subject matter. Each resource is a great go-to for essential information and interactive materials/activities. Let's start!


This language arts resource has a bundle of various activities that highlight different aspects of this core subject. From vocabulary worksheets to interactive visual activities-your little one is sure to be challenged to learn through their resources.

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Now, there are many resources for you to choose from for this core subject-but we want to encourage you to really delve into a hands on approach for this topic. That is why for this subject's resource we encourage you to investigate your local library. At Teen with a Dream's local library there is designated story times, interactive readings and lessons at the library. The wonderful part is the hand's on approach that this resource perpetuates!


MATH landing provides you with endless opportunities to view lesson plans and activities. This resource allows you to choose from numerous topics which makes it the perfect fit for anyone!

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Social Studies for Kids

This site covers cultures, economics and delves into the United States history! Check out this wonderful resources and utilize the interactive timelines and work sheets!

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National Science Teachers Association
This website provides essential articles to vamping up your child's science education. It highlights topics from fossils to hands on science experiments

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American Council on The Teaching of Foreign Languages

A great resources to begin a fabulous foreign language journey with support for parents and students alike!

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