Saturday, September 19, 2015

Be Happier: 4 Ways to Refresh your Morning Routine

This month we are all about embracing any change that may come your way--but lets discuss ways that YOU can make changes to encourage happiness within your life. Take control and create some happiness in your world with the little things!

Getting a postive start to the day will help you accomplish this!

4 Ways to Refresh your Morning Routines

1. Preparation: Sleep on your right side 

Although this may sound strange, Turkish researchers found that those who sleep on their right side has a positive impact on their dreams and tend to have more calming dreams. Additionally, they reported feeling more rested through out the day. 

Sleeping exclusively on your left side can put pressure on your organs such as the stomach and the spleen. 

2. Wake up 10 minutes earlier.

Giving yourself a little extra time in the morning will eliminate any unnecessary stress of being late. You will be able to take your time and enjoy the morning rather than rushing out the door. Use this time to take the dog on a little longer walk before you have to leave--great for the both of you! Or use this time to....

3. Stretch, breathe and warm up for the day.

Take five to ten minutes of your morning to stretch your body, try various breathing techniques and even do a few jumping jacks or your choice of warm up in order to kick start your day. In order to keep your mind happy you must treat your body well. Check out our various posts on stretches and breathing techniques under the tag "happy routines"

4. Indulge yourself with positive thoughts + environments.

We have been told since we were kids that "you just have to believe and you will". This same philosophy applies to your mindset. In order to begin the change to a happier mindset you have to allow yourself to make this change. Additionally, surrounding yourself with positive content, whether it is music [check out our collection of happy songs here], photos or settings, make sure you are engaging in content that initiates happiness....check out or Serene Surroundings Photo Gallery and our Happiness Photo Gallery 

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