Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Compassion Bags at LDS Parker South Stake Activity Day

Last Saturday we were lucky enough to spend the morning with over fifty young girls at LDS Parker South Stake Activity Day. This Compassion Project was filled with excitement, laughter and even a gourmet waffle bar!

This particular activity day was centered around the concept of "service" and "doing good for others". Through out the morning girls drew pictures of their experience "serving others" or times they lent a helping hand on the paper covered tables.

After we introduced the foundation and the logistics of the project the girls then each took turns building a Compassion Bag. As always, it is an incredible experience watching young citizens getting so excited to lend a helping hand to complete strangers.

We cannot thank these compassionate and endearing girls enough for the 70+ Compassion Bags that they compiled for Teen with a Dream!

Read Below for a little more information about Compassion Bags and then check out our photo gallery from last Saturday!

  1. These bags are given to patients to help pass the time during long treatment hours.
  2. They are typically filled with a variety of items that help the patient work both sides of their brain.
  3. By teaming up with your family to show compassion to a stranger, brings you and your community closer.
  4. Your bag will make the patient feel special, and thought about.
  5. It is important to recognize other people’s life paths.
  6. By doing a selfless act, will make you feel good-it creates happiness in the world.

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