Saturday, September 12, 2015

Embrace Change Yoga Routines

As fall is almost among us and the season is changing, we want to shift our blog's focus to embracing change and taking control during this change. Today, we would like to share this wonderful resource provided by Yoga Life Spark that showcases four techniques yoga routines that will kick start your journey of embracing change.

1. Gain Perspective – you can literally get upside down to change your view, or simply imagine your life through someone else’s eyes. Often times when we do this, we truly begin to see how great our lives are and perhaps where we would like to change – a new hobby, a dream business, or even taking more vacations.

2. Shake up (or Start) your Workout Routine – Do you always pound the pavement? Are you a slave to your spin class? While consistent workouts are great, your body also begins to ‘get used to’ your workout much quicker than you might think (try 6-7 days!). Add in some yoga (free e-book here to help you get started) or try your hand at karate. Adding in just one day of cross-training to your workout routine will rev up your metabolism and get your body guessing. Plus it’s fun!

3. Spice up your Palate – Tired of the same thing for lunch and dinner? Sick of salads? Expand your horizons and try a new recipe. Or even better try a recipe that incorporates a new food you haven’t yet tried. I plan to make this yummy looking soup very soon!

4. Set a Mantra – Before you get out of bed, simply state (out loud or to yourself), “I will embrace change today.” Keep your mantra top of mind throughout the day by maybe even jotting it down in your planner or sending yourself an email. See how many ways you can change your normal routine just for the day – try a new route to work, dine at a different lunch spot, or wear clothes outside of your typical style. Even these small little changes will awaken your brain and get your creative juices flowing by stepping outside your normal routine.

Check out Yoga Life Spark's full article and other wonderful reads here!

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