Wednesday, September 23, 2015

You are the inspiration for yourself, Help yourself during a bad day tips

It is childhood cancer month and I think its time to look at yourself as the inspiration. You are an inspiration, look at what cancer patients have to live through. It is simply amazing.

Because this month we are focusing on how inspirational we can be for ourselves here is some strategies for dealing with a bad day so you can get back to seeing how amazing you are.

Strategies for dealing with a bad day.

Strategy 1: Food and Water-trying drinking more and eating more if your in a bad mood you could be dehydrated and in need of more energy i.e food.

Strategy 2: Need a nap? Sleeping is key, it is how our mind resets and our bodies heal, you need a lot of sleep during chemotherapy and after it too, so if your having a bad day try a nap.

Strategy 3: Take a short walk, get the blood flowing a bit, some fresh air and out of your normal environment. Just be careful not to overdo yourself.

Strategy 4: Music, Jam out to your favorite songs and let that help you out of a bad day.

Of course if you are having a very bad day because of pain, and/or feeling very depressed be sure to contact your Doctor and get it checked out, it may not be just normal treatment side effects and your medical team is their to help.

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