Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Effective Communication Techniques to Reconnect with Family

We are living in a fast paced world which makes it difficult at times to really take the time to connect with your loved ones. That is why today, we want to focus on a few different techniques that will assist you in reconnecting with both your immediate and extended family during Thanksgiving!

To begin, lets begin with the "why" behind the importance of connecting with our family:

  • Overall, by effectively communicating with our family ultimately connects us better. Overall this provides us with establish emotional support resources which is key for any individual but especially for those going through a difficult time.
  • By integrating ourselves within each others emotional lives provides us with a sense of control over our emotional health.
  • Connecting with family enhances our social and emotional skills.
  • Provides the opportunity to clear out our emotional stress that we may have been harboring.

Techniques to ensure highly effective communication within your family this Thanksgiving:
  1. Put away your electronics! Nothing takes away from a conversation like the constant interruption of a phone or tablet.
  2. Maintain engaging eye contact and body language. Make sure you are facing towards the family member as you have a conversation with them so it can show to them that you are interactively paying attention to what they are saying.
  3. Listen, listen, listen! By showing the other person you are listening bridges a connection between the both of you because they are aware that you are engaged and care about what they have to say.
  4. Finally, establish your communication boundaries or willingness to discuss your treatment as it will be likely that someone will ask. This is okay! It is also okay if you are not up for talking about it as well--just make sure you know what your plan is ahead of time so you do not have to deal with any unnecessary stress!

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