Friday, December 26, 2014

10 DIY uses for your Left Over Wrapping Paper!

Use as a mat for a picture frame- The festive and vibrant colors of wrapping paper will serve as the perfect backdrop for your photos! You could even use the photos you take at your holiday gatherings
Line your cabinet drawers- This will add some color and organization to your kitchen! [Image Source] 
Scrapbooking Supplies-Use the extra scraps to highlight different aspects of your scrapbook! [Image Source]
Make an Advent Calendar- Scraps will be perfect to make your very own personalized calendar! 
Perfect packing shred- Run the paper through a shredder to create filler for gift boxes, shipping containers, and even Easter baskets. [Image Source]                      
Create your own Gift Bows- Check out this awesome tutorial here!
Mod Podge Crafts- Tune into your creative side and use the wrapping paper as the perfect backdrop for various crafts! Here is an example that Dream Team Member, Kati, did! 
Make Adorable Gift tags for throughout the year-Check out the tutorial here.
Create chic decorations for next years holidays- These adorably modern christmas trees are the perfect outlet to get rid of the wrapping paper-check it out here!
Gift Tissue Paper Craft Ideas- What would holiday gift wrapping be if there were not copious mounts of tissue paper? Check out these awesome craft projects with left over tissue!

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