Saturday, December 27, 2014

Some of our favorites…

As we are nearing the end of our fourth month of the Real Life Resource Blog’s launch-we wanted to take a quick glance back at some of our favorite posts.
Why it is one of our favorites- Ginger has become a staple component in numerous of other posts regarding side effects. We are striving to find new, innovative and natural ways to help with chemo side effects.
October- Sibling Support
Why it is one of our favorites- Chaos seems to take over following a child’s diagnosis with cancer. It is a difficult situation for everyone in the family and it can be natural to focus a majority of attention of the chid who is sick. We love this post because it shares simple ways to ensure support of all the siblings during this time as well. 
Why it is one of our favorites- Flu season seems to completely take over the winter months, and when you are a pediatric cancer patient..this season becomes even more critical in regards to staying well. 

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