Monday, December 22, 2014

Tips + Tricks for foodies during this holiday week!

We all know that the holidays are about family-but they are also centered on our favorite food. That is why we thought today would be a perfect “Tips and Tricks” segment on getting through holiday meals during chemotherapy. So lets begin…
      I. Managing Nausea- As you may know we have dedicated a quite a few posts to combatting this strong side effect. So check out these couple different remedies to help ease your nausea:
    II. Chemo Mouth- One side effect that we also continually seek to combat, is the pestering taste in your mouth that chemo causes. Depending on the type of treatment that you or your child is undergoing- this taste can vary. This has fueled Teen with a Dream’s inclusion of Sour Skittles within in every Chemo Day Care Bag! Sour or tart flavors can help rid your mouth of this metal taste!
  III. Embracing the Flavor!- One piece of advice that the founder, Spencer, has stuck by is: to eat what tastes good to you during your treatment course.Although you may be prone to seeking food that is said to have “cancer-fighting” ingredients, it is more important at this stage to just get something in a patients belly-this is especially true for pediatric cancer patients who are in the mist of growing.
Of course, it is crucial to maintain constant communication with your doctor and/or nutritionist but we hope this tips and tricks Monday will provide you with a little comfort for this holiday week!

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