Thursday, January 22, 2015

Checklist for Scholarship Applications: Prep + Info.

For today’s program resource we would like to focus on preparing to apply for college scholarships. This month we have spent everyday sharing tips and tricks to “cleanse”, “de-clutter”, and “organize” numerous aspects of your life. By taking the time nowto get all of your “ducks in a row” for scholarship applications, will help eliminate immense stress later down the row. 
Things to prepare + have ready before you start applying:
  1. Transcripts. Some may require the most recent record of your grades but make sure you are aware of how to obtain these and plan ahead to ensure receiving them in a timely manner. Additionally, make sure to note which applications ask for “Official Transcripts” versus “Unofficial”.
  2. Letters of Recommendation. These letters can make a profound impact on the individual who is choosing scholarship recipients. Make sure to have a list of people you can ask for letters of recommendation and most importantly ensure to ask them in a timely manner. This can be especially true for teachers who are asked to write a multitude of letters within a small window of time.
  3. Letter from your Oncologist. If you are applying for cancer specific scholarship this will be extremely important to have. This letter will state the date and specific diagnosis you received. This is a requirement for the Teen with a Dream scholarship application.
Tips to applying for scholarships:
  1. Take time with your essays. Although writing multiple essays for various scholarships can seem tedious, this is the part where you really shed light on who you are! Essays provide a great opportunity to include your personal touch on whatever generic topic you are assigned. Be thorough, be creative!
  2. Follow the application guidelines to the tee! Something as simple as not following application guidelines may kick you out of the running to receive the scholarship. Assure to keep track of the specific rules when filling out each application. It may help to make a second copy of the application where you can highlight and make notes of these rules for yourself while filling out the other copy that you will be sending.
  3. Print out a calendar and mark what application is due, when. This will provide you will a visual aid to ensure you are getting everything done for each application. This will also assist in making sure you don’t miss any due dates.
  4. Apply, apply, apply! Don’t exclude any options because you are fearful that you won’t be chosen. Apply for everything and anything that you can! 

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