Friday, January 23, 2015

SPLURGE!friday DIY Calming Jars

Happy Friday Dream Team! For this SPLURGE! Friday we want to share these awesome Calming Jars. These jars are designed to be calm + soothe a child in times of high stress. For our parents out there, you may know the high stress that the poking and prodding can provoke at doctors appointments. So today, take time together to create your very own Calming Jar, to take with you on the road! 
What Calming Jars can do:
  • Provide an interactive and engaging activity.
  • Provoke calmness
  • Ultimately stray the child’s mind from the stress that is occurring and draws them into a pleasant visualization. 
Materials you will need:
  • Recycled Jar [Based on your child’s age, these can be either plastic or glass-this just depends on your preference]
  • Glitter Glue
  • Extra Glitter (for extra shine)
  • Food Coloring
  • Warm Water
  • Small Trinkets to put in the jar
  1. Once you have your jar, begin by putting in your Glitter Glue.
  2. Then add warm water [this will fill a majority of the jar, but make sure you leave enough space for however many trinkets you want to put in!]
  3. Add your food coloring.
  4. Add extra glitter [this will help camouflage the separated glue particles].
  5. Add trinkets
  6. SHAKE!
*Note: based on the age of your child, you may want to hot glue the jar’s lid shut*
There are many examples of Calming Jars, check out these ideas we found on Pinterest HERE!
Photo provided by: Lemon Lime Adventures

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