Monday, February 23, 2015

Chemotherapy + Aversions [Approach with Caution]

The thought of chemotherapy alone is an extremely overwhelming thought in and of itself. When beginning your treatment, or even if you are in the mist of it-be very cautious about your routine.
 Why should you be cautious of this? Because you often associate that activity, item or even person with the sickness that you feel and you can form an aversion to these things.
By ensuring to take a few simple steps to avoid aversions, has the potential to lessen additional emotional hardships down the road.
 Here are a few things that Teen with a Dream would suggest to avoid aversions:

  1.  Take only bland food or snacks. Chemotherapy inevitably results in high levels of nausea therefore, not risk bringing your favorite comfort food on treatment days. Additionally, those eating around you while you are undergoing treatment could also effect you.
  2.  Ask those accompanying you on treatment days to wear fragrance-free perfume or beauty products. Chemotherapy heightens your senses, creating an hypersensitive effect on your body. Excessive fragrances can cause you headaches, nausea, etc.
  3.  Be cautious of engaging in your favorite activities. This could be as simple as watching your favorite movie. It is important to realize that you may eventually associate this movie with your treatment days and you may not end up loving it after you have finished treatment

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