Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Using friends to help you organize your life.

This month we have focused maintaining, building, and growing during chemotherapy to help you and your child through this hard time. Today’s post brings you some ideas and tips of how friends can help you maintain or grow during your treatment and beyond. Your friends, and family friends aren’t just a lifeline to help you get through treatment, but they can also help with the organizing.

  • Tip 1: Take a friend with you to all appointments and have them write things down for you, with what feels like a thousands different things coming at you this can be most helpful. Firstly they aren’t in the thick of having to live through treatment so they may be able to listen better then yourself and hear things that you wouldn’t
  • Tip 2: Let a friend help you with a schedule or deadlines for things like, appointments, important dates, and goals then ask for their help in keeping them. They can be a helpful reminder or a swift kick in the rear to get you motivated.
  • Tip 3: Declutter, this is most helpful and a pain to do, so have a friend help you. Weather you have to declutter a cabinet to fit all your medication in or you are making your room a more screen space friends can help. They aren’t married to anything you have so they can sort through it more quickly.
  • Tip 4: and the most important one of all is just to allow your friends to be your friend!

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