Thursday, March 26, 2015

Compassion at Charles Hay World School

As you may have read in our post last week , we were gearing up to spend last Friday morning with two fifth grade classes at Charles Hay World School. You may remember that it was these classes that organized and ran a bake sale for Teen with a Dream!
The students of Mrs. Faulkner’s + Mrs. Bond’s classroom compiled over 45 Compassion Bags! One aspect of their Compassion Project that was especially heart warming was that instead of the student’s ordering a Scholastic Book for themselves, they hand picked a book for their assigned patient’s Compassion Bag!
As the students were putting their bags together, the room was filled with excitement as they showed one another what they had come up with. It is an incredible transformation of closeness + bonding, not only between the foundation and the classroom but, amongst the students themselves as well.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such compassionate + caring students. 

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