Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seeking out the Silver Lining: General

On Monday, we shared a couple ways to seek out the silver lining in chemotherapy. Today, we would like to feature more generic ways to seek out the silver lining.
Here are a list of questions to ask yourself to potentially gain a more rounded perspective of your new reality:
  • How can I use this situation to learn something about myself?
    • This may show you how strong emotionally you truly are.
  • How does this relate to my life “purpose”?
  • How can this positively affect my life?
    • As Spencer Harrison, founder of Teen with a Dream, found that his diagnosis with cancer ultimately turned into his life journey and purpose. It was these questions….these silver linings, that fueled Teen with a Dream.
  • What can I learn from this situation?
    • You may find that your experience or knowledge of coping with cancer may help someone in the future.
  • Where is the “gift” in this?
    • As we discussed during our chemotherapy silver linings post, you may perceive the gift in your situation as the profound sense of love and support that came from a diagnosis.

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