Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Dreaming to Inspire aka Batkid

Dreams, they help us survive. Especially when your going through cancer treatment. So on this Humpday Wednesday we have an inspirational story for you. 
Most of the world knows about BATKID the 6 year old Make a Wish child Miles Scott. He was the lead cast in what would be the largest wish make a wish as ever produced. The City of San Francisco transformed into Gotham and 20,000 plus people helped BatKid save the day. It is amazing to know that this child’s Dream came true, but also for all the other children with cancer it is amazing to see how much people care. 
The good news doesn’t end at the story, get your tissues ready because someone has made a documentary that can only be described as inspiring. Just in case your not a documentary fan Julie Roberts is also staring and producing big screen version of Batkid. 
The story of Batkid can be found by a simple google if you need a shot of inspiration before the movie comes out. 

All you have to do is Dream it and it can come true.  

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