Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"H is for Hair Fairy"

Being diagnosed with cancer is a scary thing for anyone. Trying to help children with cancer understand their diagnosis is a hard thing. There is a vastness in ages and how to explain it to them. Because childhood cancer helps 0 to 21 there isn’t just one way to help them understand. 
On this Tuesday here is a book to help smaller children with cancer, or the young at heart kids. H is for Hair Fairy by Kim Martin is a picture book with a mission. Two fairies visit a child in the hospital during their cancer treatment and helps other children understand what cancer is and it’s treatment. The book is also for adults who are young at heart. The proceeds of the book goes towards helping the Hair Fairy Project started in memory of the authors son and daughter who both had different forms of cancer. 
Here at Teen with a Dream we believe books are a gateway not only to help us understand but to escape the world for a bit and of course it makes your mind stronger. 
Check it out here on Amazon!

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