Saturday, March 21, 2015

Self-Realization: Yoga Pose Feature

Happy Saturday Dream Team! Over the course of our blog we have shared various yoga poses that promote certain purposes. As this month’s blog posts are centered around self embrace, fulfilling your potential, + seeking out the silver linings-we want to share a pose that promotes self-realization.

[Warrior II Pose]

DOYOUYOGA shares how to effectively engage in this pose:

“Standing poses demand involvement from every single part of the body. As in life, without a steady foundation, you will never be able to extend to reach your maximum. They teach you about firm grounding, and only from there can you really begin to grow, to show your true colors and start to reach your full potential!
Warrior 2 celebrates our unique strengths and positive qualities. It connects us to the absolute power that resides within our bodies, starting with our legs but reaching every muscle and joint to keep us strong like a warrior. This is an excellent pose to restore a feeling of power and confidence. Dig deep into your heart, into your hips and sink down low to the ground and scream out loud “I can and I will!”

Image + Quotation Provided by: DOYOUYOGA

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