Monday, March 9, 2015

Tips + Tricks to Chemo: Itching

Our tip for today is all about your skin! Chemotherapy can cause your skin to be dry, irritated, and even darken depending on your type of treatment. One of the most annoying side effects of dry skin and irritated skin is the itching. itching can be a very painful side effect since as a chemotherapy patient you have to send 8 to 10 hour basically motionless. Even after a day of treatment at home when all you want to do is sleep but you can’t because your skin is irritated. 
Here is a quick, easy, and organic tip to help with itching and irritated skin. CORNSTARCH! We almost always have this in our pantry and when used just like baby powder would it helps give some relief to the skin. 
Give it a dry and see if it helps next time you have an itch, of course it the problem becomes worse or unmanageable let your doctor and nurses know. 
Wishing everyone a good start to the week.

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