Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mammoth Heights Elementary students continue to be a driving force in bringing COMPASSION to their community!

As you may have read in previous posts, the students at Mammoth Heights Elementary school continually seek out ways to provide aid and comfort to pediatric cancer patients across the nation.

Our story with MH begins two years ago with the launch of our very first Compassion Project. Through out these two years we have met some truly incredible students who strive to make this world a better place in any way they can. 

It was through their passion to help that the student council of the school hosted our very first SCHOOL WIDE COMPASSION PROJECT!  

When the student council approached Teen with a Dream with this idea, we were elated at the opportunity to work with the school. 

To begin this process the student council asked us to present our mission to the council for those who may not be familiar with the foundation. This presentation was followed by members of student council discussing and voting on hosting this process...and we must admit we were a bit nervous, as these students meant business! Lucky for us, their vote was unanimous!!

Over a cross of a months time 800+ students came together and gathered items for 2015 Compassion Bags. 

Concluding the month student council members that range from kindergarten to sixth grade came together and compiled nearly 100 bags-and there were still items left over for our inventory!! 

It is truly a remarkable feeling of overwhelming support, excitement and compassion every time that we walk through the doors at Mammoth Heights Elementary School. Their students continue to go above and beyond for our foundation without a doubt in every interaction that we have. 

Not only have they made Teen with a Dream history hosting both our first Compassion Project both on a classroom level and school wide level, students have also sought out ways to give back through out the years through donating birthday gifts, allowances, and raising funds for our foundation in general! 

It is difficult to adequately put into words how much we truly appreciate and adore the Mammoth Heights Community! Additionally the comfort that they bring not only to pediatric cancer patients, but the comfort they bring to the community knowing the inspiring force they will bring to the future as well-thank you Mammoth Heights Elementary School!!! 

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