Friday, May 22, 2015

SPLURGE! on Reading!

This month The Real Life Resource Blog is focusing on how to spend and deal with summer if your in the middle or after cancer treatment. Here is one Splurge that every one should do this summer! Summer Book Club. Teen with a Dream is a huge fan of books! Books not only allow you to escape into another world but they also help promote creativity and can even be thought of as a form of meditation. Here is a link to a site that tells you how to set up your own summer book club. 
A couple of tips to remember thought for kids with cancer and reading, “Chemo Brain” can make it harder to read more changeling books so make sure the the books suit your kid ahead of time. 
Also it can be hard with dry eyes from chemo to read some small fonts, so if you have an e reader in the house consider letting your child use it as they can increase the font size to suit their needs! 
Also parents join in the book club with your child! Check it out here!

Happy Splurge Friday!

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